Cardi B and Anuel AA bind to remix


Cardi B and Anuel AA bind to remix

Miami. – The urban artists Cardi B and Anuel AA announced yesterday, Friday, their second collaboration and the first entirely in Spanish in the “remix” of “The baby”, the song launched at the end of 2019 by reggaeton dominican Secret “The Famous Bottle”, Black Jonas Point, and Liro Shaq.

Rapper american of dominican father explained in their social networks that had been done in a “minute” your verse “for one of the songs in the dominican republic more stuck in the moment”.

For its part, Anuel spent several days at the beginning of the year telling their fans that I was considering.

Since January, the puerto rican artist had published a series of hints on the subject, with the that caused so much commotion among his followers that he ended up promising that if he managed more than half a million comments in Instagram, with a video in which she sang the theme to an a capella, I would make the remix.

In less than a week had gained more than 600 thousand.


Anuel celebrated the departure of the topic with a video in which his girlfriend, the artist urban, Karol G, we watered the milk jug on the head.

The Famous Bottle, Black Jonas Point, and Liro Shaq also recognised that this song will mark a “before and after” in his career.

“It’s exciting to know that Cardi B and Anuel AA joined us to launch the remix of The Baby. It is more than a dream come true and I hope that all our fans enjoy it to the fullest”, expressed in a statement released by

their representatives.

“The baby”, whose original version was produced by BlackFreestylo and Geral Melody, enters within the style explicit and sexual artists.

The new version was edited by the record labels independent GLAD Empire, and Flow

The Movie.