Chef Jennifer Lopez reveals details of the diva to keep your figure


50 years Jennifer Lopez it has become an icon of feminine beauty. Its spectacular body has attracted the attention of men and women since, for many it is a mystery how he has managed to keep that enviable figure.

And it is precisely his personal chef, Kelvin Fernandez, who has revealed some of the secrets of the singerwhich in your opinion is very rigorous with his work. “If you get the pin, she throws it in the face, and it is your right to do so.”

While acknowledging that the requirement is mutual because that’s the only way you can see results. “I wanted to do something nice for her, because she deserves it and works very hard. Once I organized a family dinner. The next day she came to me and said: ‘Kevinlast night I served it with rice’. I replied: ‘No, No, no, no. Had salad, had chicken. You were the one that was released by the rice’”.

Mothe2 Apr 2020 at 7:16 pm PDT

According to Fernandezpreparing for his performance at the Super Bowl last February, required a great effort of both to achieve the stunning picture that the interpreter showed in the event. Even remember that in order to avoid any mistake talked with JLo to achieve the goal. “Okay, Jennifer. I will serve each dish individually. Don’t look at the plate of anyone else. Don’t look at what anyone else has to”.

Regarding their favorite foods, the chef revealed some of them. “Water with gas, always fruits and vegetables, such as strawberries… there are Always vegetables such as spinach, cucumber and celery to make green juice. We love to start the day with a green juice”.

And how any person, the Diva of the Bronx it also has ingredients that don’t like to include in your diet low in carbohydrates and sugars. “Never eat or salmon or red fruits, and not just because you do gain weight, but simply because you don’t like”, he concluded.