Chicago doesn’t hide the envy that you feel towards your pet


Unlike other pets, such as Blanca Suárez or Miguel Angel Silvestre, who have joined with enthusiasm to the training home of its famous owners, the dog Shirley with which Chicago has shared his last fifteen years of life seems more given to take advantage of the sessions of physical activity of its owner to enjoy a soothing nap: something that has not been left to overlook the interpreter, with a tone of friendly reproach, in its last publication on Instagram.

“Tonight I’ll be live with my people ‘The Anthill’ [el programa nocturno de Antena 3]but now some sleep and I sport,” she wrote along with several emoticons that denote a healthy envy and something of distaste for having to stand up to the task, which was far from the only one that had been marked for these days.

“By the way, I have not yet made the change of clothing, come up then… yes, I’ve noted all your tips,” he joked right next to the time that promised to his followers sworn that some day, when you have more time and inclination, put into practice their recommendations for the opening of high-the spring-summer season.

On the sidelines of the mixture of laziness and unwillingness that will invades -understandable, all told – when you feel like it rather little exercise, what is certain is that the artist’s mallorcan has shown on numerous occasions that it is a woman self-disciplined and very responsible to their obligations sports, which will provide a clear sense of well-being once “met”.

“A smile after the mission accomplished. Already I start to notice the sport and I am very happy, because I don’t always have the desire, the truth. So, well, a smile. Trixpack and on the way to the sixpack”, wrote the extroverted artist in your profile at the end of the last month of April.