Chris Evans and brother Scott play the challenge of couples on “The Tonight Show”


Despite the fact that all productions are closing today for the global pandemic, many presenters of talk shows continue their interviews with celebrities from the comfort of their own homes. Recently, Jimmy Fallon had a video chat with Chris Evans, star of Marvel Studios.

During his appeared in “The Tonight Show” the actor and his brother Scott Evans played the Couples Challenge, and it was quite fun to watch.

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Before playing, the brothers reveal that you are having so much fun together in the quarantine and act like kids again. Have been very engrossed in the games, being your favorite Wiffle Ball. Continuing with the spirit of the game, play the Challenge of couples.

Fallon he says to the men to close their eyes, then asked a question to who corresponds to the answer, the brother has to point to the other and so on.

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While he was in quarantineChris finally joined Instagram this month, and although he had a difficult start, your content is lovely has already brought a lot of joy.

Chris Evans joined after being challenged by the star of “Guardians of The Galaxy” Chris Pratt, to create the All in Challenge.