Chris Hemsworth launches a app fitness, and it charged users $99


Careful what you instaláis in your smartphones, read very well the conditions, because the last of the messes in the mobile universe has left a lot of people with the complaint bitter that the training app of Chris Hemsworth I have been charged 99 dollars without prior notice and without the possibility of disable the subscription after the free trial.

The application in question is called Centr and is available on Google Playalthough according to the information that appeared in The Verge what is certain is that I do not think that the reviews and ratings are too good, especially after seeing how Instagram, Facebook and other social networks were on fire these days by what some users have described as a scam demanding your refund.

Chris Hemsworth launches a app fitness, and it charged users $99

In any case, to present to Centr needless to say, it is an application of training and health developed in collaboration with the team of personal trainers Chris Hemsworth, as so many others that have proliferated in these days of confinement to keep in shape without leaving the house, that among the options we offer a specific programme of six weeks that promises to help you lose weight without the need of machines and accessories, together with other workouts.

The app is free to download and the service can be used at zero cost thanks to a test trial up to 7 daysalthough then we must opt for a mode of subscription of 1, 3, or 12 months from the 10 dollars a month. And it is here where comes the controversy, because during the confinement by the COVID-19 had been offered those six weeks free to all users, but to those who were taking advantage of the offer, they have been charging $ 99 also.

Read well the conditions of your apps, on all of the subscriptions, because apparently the app Centr made in collaboration with Chris Hemsworth and his team, has been charged without notice to its users a whopping $ 99

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A cancellation process is confusing and a problem now case-sensitive

As some of the users who have had problems with Centr, the process of cancellation of the subscription is confusing and complexrequiring the user to cancel specifically from the same method where you activated the subscription. That is to say, if active Centr from the web and use it on an Android phone, it is not enough that you cancel the subscription from your smartphone but you need to go to the website and cancel from there.

This same happens if you activate the service from iOS, or from the own Android mobile, and cancel it from the web, something that has led many users to believe that they had cancelled without to the team of Centr was really the application. Needless to say that the FAQ of cancellation has three pages of questions, and that is not the best example of an app well-designed.

Chris Hemsworth launches a app fitness, and it charged users $99

Some users have complained that it is a ploy to keep the users subscribed complicándoles the low of the service, and others have made public communications with service managers where they were told “not configured successfully to your account to cancel” at the end of the free period.

Be that as it may, it seems that after demonstrate and prove the confusion, the team of Centr is repaying the money most of the affected after multiplying the criticism on social networks, and it has proceeded to delete the negative messages of those who returned the $ 99.

Chris Hemsworth launches a app fitness, and it charged users $99

In fact, in a statement to the Verge from Centr indicate that their terms and conditions are standard in the industry and “are clearly displayed at the register, pointing out that if the free trial is not cancelled within the period of six weeks, will be charged to the plan that the client name in the initial registration”. They have also stated that they have a customer service available 7 days a weekand which have proceeded to repay the amounts because you really are “very aware that his intention was to help people during confinement”.

Curious and strange, really, although being a skeptic like me and doubting all, I have to admit that some truth there will be in that it is very difficult to cancel subscriptions when the affected are tensWhat do you think of you?

Chris Hemsworth launches a app fitness, and it charged users $99

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