Chris Pratt and his improvised music on Instagram


We do not know how we will go to Chris Pratt with his production company Indivisible Productions, but we do know that we spend a very good waiting in the lobby. And that is already a good start isn’t it? The actor Jurassic World, Guardians of the galaxy or the original voice of the main character The LEGO Movie has become the headquarters of its producer, in an ode to his filmography (and his ego).

But he has done it with humor and if you do things a joke and everything is better. So reads the post of Instagram with which has presented its new project.

An aperitif the musical to the walls of my office. Loved every step of this wonderful journey. I start a company Indivisible Productions, one nation, under God and indivisible. Our mission is to create entertainment content, focusing on topics that help to build bridges between what divides our country and the world. You know, make the world a better place. It is not a big thing but you are welcome, no matter who you are.

The important thing is how, in a moment, managed to hum and illustrate his career, from Everwood (2002) up Avengers: Endgame (2019), passing through Parks and Recreation, Guardians of the galaxy and Jurassic World.

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Don’t know if we will have talent as a producer, but is one of the few people that can be taking a picture of him on the wall and that is already reason enough to trust in Chris Pratt and Indivisible Productions.

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