Chris Pratt reveals details about his upcoming debut as a dad


The actor had no qualms in making public some of the cravings you experienced Katherine Schwarzenegger during their pregnancy, as well as the aches and pains that you are experiencing these days.

The actor Chris Pratt waiting for the first son of his by now brief, but solid marriage with the writer Katherine Schwarzeneggerthe daughter of famed ‘Terminator‘ and although the prospect of becoming a father for the second time and has especially looked forward to in these times pandemic , what is certain is that the interpreter, of 40 years, has been mentioned with a certain weight to it that the pregnancy of your wife is not being extremely quiet, due to the physical discomfort that, as other pregnant women, the affect these days.

Katherine Schwarzenegger and Chris Pratt
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Also, the restrictions that lead for the confinement linked to the crisis of the coronavirus have made cravings Katherine challenges something more difficult to fulfill, as the artist-father also of the small Jack (7 years ago) with his former wife Anna Faris – Can not leave their home each time she wants an ice cream or pickles in brine, products which, by the way, he has had to start to consume.

Chris Pratt reveals details about his upcoming debut as a dad

“Well, it is still complicated. Pickles and ice cream all the time … The truth is I never imagined that I would end up liking it,” he joked Chris in his brief interview with the news portal ‘Extra’that also assured that both face these little setbacks with philosophy and protocols of how fortunate they are in general terms.

Anna Faris and Chris Pratt
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Interestingly, the protagonist of the saga Jurassic World and the series critical Parks and recreation he had the audacity to complain in the presence of Katherine about the pains they suffered in the lower part of your back, as well as the increase of weight which has been experiencing lately. A look of withering of his wife made him quickly understand that he is not, at least now in a position to complain.

“The other day I realized that I was complaining in front of her, a small pain that I have in the lower part of the back, and how in this period of quarantine had gained some kilos of more. I got a look that spoke for itself, and very sweet at the same time. And in that moment I realized the error and said: ‘Oh, is truth, is truth”.

Chris Pratt Katherine Schwarzenegger
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