Compare to Lady Gaga with Pilar Montenegro for this VIDEO


During this quarantine the ingenuity of the internet users has made us to see the famous versions that are not similar to what they really are, and on this occasion it was a video of Lady Gaga which compared with Pilar Montenegro.

One of the most successful tracks of this artist was “Quitame ese hombre” especially in the northern mexican version, which to date is one of the most requested of the banda music, and now have put up this song but with the interpreter Bad Romance starring in the video.

In the video that a user has edited, we see the oscar winner wearing a hat with pink of type “cowboy”, what did that compare with Pilar Montenegro and the singers that come out in Bandamax.

In that sense, in the video, that although it is of short duration, we see a mixture of various clips of Lady Gaga with the costume that you used for your album Joanne, and a background of the song “take this man” with the logo of Bandamax at the top.

Watch the video of Lady Gaga

This famous is not the only that has done this kind of edited videos, for a few days we were able to see Dua Lipa being the victim of internet users, to be compared with the Ana Barbara song, Bandit.

The interpreter of the New Rules appears in the video for “Don’t Start Now”, while background sounds “Bandit”, in fact, this video came at the hands of the own Ana Barbara, who shared it on their social networks, and said he loved that his iconic song is “danced” by Dua Lipa.

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What more flame the attention in both videos that the lipsing is perfect, and that the edition makes truly seems that they are the ones who are singing those versions of the band.