Daughter of Salma Hayek collided with a mini purple dress and tennis shoes Gucci making it clear that it is all a miss


The queen of the house Salma Hayek and her husband, Fran├žois-Henri Pinault is his teenage daughter, Valentina Paloma Pinault. Although it has grown in the increased privacy and anonymity, gradually have sprung photos with social networks that have allowed them to see what flood is.

Valentina Paloma, who will turn 13 years old on the 21st of September, has slowly been transforming their image and dress, leaving it in the past, outfits for children and starting to wear more adolescents with accessories brand luxurious in the world.

Daughter of Salma Hayek hits with your style teen

Recently did this photo with his mom Salma Hayek, who were captured on the street with a lot of style. Salma wears a black skirt textured, combined with a blouse, fitted long sleeves and a high neck, contrasting that with a pair of high heels white that combined with your bag.

And her daughter, Valentina, left to see the flooding that is taking a short dress of dark purple color, long sleeves, complementing the look with tennis shoes black Gucci and a white bag that carried her through side.

“Very elegant and beautiful Salma and her daughter not far behind”commented @tellez_beatriz by the garments of mother and daughter. “It seems like a lot to your dad,” noted @nancytiempo. “Very beautiful like her mama,” emphasized @sandy.room.

A couple of days, celebrating the Day of the Child in Mexico, Salma Hayek posted a picture of his daughter years ago when she was smaller, showing all the love you feel for your daughter and the nostalgia of those times of childhood.

This past January, also rescued from the trunk of the memories this photo of Valentina Paloma when she was a little girl who carried in her arms and accompanied the image with this text: “Nothing can compare to the happiness of the spirit of our children,” he said, making it clear that what is most essential is the welfare of their daughter.

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