Do not rule out the return of Robert Downey Jr. Marvel


Marvel Cinematic Universe is in your hands to re-excite its millions of fans to incorporate Robert Downey Jr. to their movies.

The end of Iron Man caused disappointment because everyone wanted more of this hero, played by the versatile actor. You already know that Robert Downey Jr got near 150 million dollars for Avengers: Infínity and Avengers: Endgame.

The income of the actor, apparently, may not be lower than this number of bet, then you will not know the success that came about the character, so that the floor must be much higher now.

Not even a question of pre-conditions of the actor, but the natural dynamics that corresponds to a star which now turns into gold everything that he touches.

The producers of Marvel they know that in return, Robert Downey Jr. it will burst the box office so that keeps ringing with insistence that possibility.

So soon, this scenario is filtering in separate reports which speak of talks between Marvel and the actor, which could end in the green light by the as well what the public wants, but lack the formal agreement, and the number that will be in the middle.