Do twin sister? Chilean identical to Emilia Clarke causes frenzy in TikTok

There are a few that have not fallen into the temptation of download TikTok during this quarantine. Is that the bull run has made us more creative, as the chilean Javiera Lopez, who is becoming known in the social networks, with their remarkable imitations of the british actress Emilia Clarke.

Their physical resemblance to the protagonist of ‘Game of Thrones’ is really amazing, and well knows it. That’s why she dared to publish videos to reinterpret scenes from the movie ‘Me before you’.

“Since I was in fourth means (I spoke of the resemblance), but when I went to the U I took into consideration what I said, because it was already a lot of people. But I did not dare to do cosplay or something like that due to lack of time, and fear on the part of do it wrong”, he told Jamie to Radio Bío Bío.

“This came out of quarantine, and said: ‘now, yes, I should take advantage of it in some way””, he added. And yes, that was a good idea.

At 22 years, Jamie enjoys the success of TikTok as their videos have crossed borders. And this has been in evidence with the comments that have come from different points of the planet.

“It’s super strange because I’m not used to comment so much of what I do, but I like it. Most of the comments are positive, if I found very similar, but it is best to know that you enjoy the videos that I upload,” he said.

“And the bad comments also I took them with affection, because they are different points of view at the end of the day. I try to respond to everyone is always thanking you, for taking the time to watch the videos and comment on them,” said the imitator of the Mother of Dragons.

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