Eddie Murphy invites you to view his return to SNL by the side of Lizzo


Eddie Murphy is ready to return this weekend to the stage of Saturday Night Live as host guest after spending decades of absence in the show that would boost his historic career.

Last Thursday NBC launched the first promotional video for his show of 21 of December, where you can see Murphy accompanied by Kenan Thompson and the guest musical Lizzo.

Although it seems that the first cut with the comedian of 58 years is more normal, Lizzo loses his self-control in the second decision, expressing their extreme excitement to see Murphy in the program twerkeando to one side of it.

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“That’s exciting”, it is the response of the actor to see the reaction of the young, to which all present break into laughter.

Murphy confirmed its participation since last August, creating great excitement about one of the most popular members of the cast from your inclusion from 1980 to 1984.

Among its most iconic characters from SNL are “Mr. Robinson’s Neighborhood” and as Gumby, Grouts and Stevie Wonder.