Emilia Clarke might be the princess Mera in Aquaman 2


The british actress Emilia Clarke has caused great sensation among the users in social networks at the rumorarse that could be the princess Mera in Aquaman 2without a doubt it would be the perfect replacement of Heard after the scandal of violence that it faces.

As you are well aware, the lawsuit between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp continuous and it looks to never end because there have been new evidence against the actress, so that many claim that his future in Hollywood might go down.

Even many people refuse to Amber follow in the film Aquaman after filtering the audio where he admits to having coerced Depp while accepting their aggression to the actor.

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It is for this reason that they believe that it is unacceptable that still in the top and they want to cancel it of any project in the world of cinema and give a new face to the princess Mera.

Here is where enters Emilia Clarke as the chemistry that occur between her and Jason Momoa is amazing from its appearance as a couple in the series Game of Thrones, it is for this reason that it thinks that it will be perfect for that character.

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It is worth mentioning that Warner Bros has not yet issued that will happen with Heard but have been made to requests for social networks and pages like for example Change.Org.

Some of the fans Clarke have made some edits in photoshop where the become the princess, and there is no doubt that it looks beautiful.

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Between the roles has developed the british actress are to be found: Sarah Connor in Terminator Genesis, Louisa Clark in Me Before You, Qi, Ra, in Have been Alone: a history of Star Wars and Kate in Last Christmas.

The release date set by Warner is the December 16, 2022 and is expected to follow in the foot that date, as they have postponed most of the premieres that were planned.

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