Fans of Tom Holland celebrated the anniversary of “Umbrella”


Tom Holland has had a career which is pretty amazing until now. At her 23 years and worked in theatre from an early age, appeared in a few films acclaimed by critics and recently made his debut in one of Pixar. Then there is also the small matter of being the new Spider-Man of the UCM. But it has also made history with a tv appearance which has been registered in the popular imaginary, its version Lyp Sync Battle of “Umbrella”.

Probably one of the performances of the small screen most resonant of the decade, the interpretation of the british in the shoes of Rihanna it has been a event viral, to the point that today’s users will not resist to “play” each time it crosses their screens. So, in the day yesterday, commemorating the third anniversary of the submission, the internet users they paid him a heartfelt tribute online.

In the last few hours Tom Holland it became a whole trend on Twitter, to be remembered by the fans. The famous clip begins with the star dressed in costume, performing the iconic “Singing in The Rain” Gene Kelly. However, in a move unexpected the music veers to the hit 2007 “Umbrella”, showing an outfit that is completely different.

Holland takes a whole standing ovation of those present to demonstrate their skill and versatility as a dancer and performer. A surprised Zendaya, who fulfilled the role of opponent he can’t believe what your eyes see. The stage is covered in rain artificial, an ensemble of experienced dancers and, even, fireworks. The clip hanging on YouTube has passed the 51 million views and remains at the top of the rankings corresponding to the show american.

Tom Holland and his passion for dance

In a tv interview 2019, Tom Holland recalled its passage through the theaters when I was working in the play “Billy Elliot”. To do this he mentioned that I was training about six hours a day for three years. “I arrived at a very high level, and then I just gave up. I stopped dancing. So I dance if I’m in a club, but now I’m not going to classes. My biggest regret is leaving you,“ revealed the actor.