Friends: Filtered photo of Jennifer Aniston and Matt LeBlanc kiss in real life


A romance that very few people knew about between two actors from Friends has again come to light, then that an account in Instagram posted a photo very demanding.

Apparently, actress Jennifer Aniston and her colleague Matt LeBlanc they had a “affair” during the recordings of the legendary series of television most famous of these times. The profile @2000sanxiety revealed the photograph where you see the companions to the exit of a restaurant in Los Angeles in the year 2004.

But what is shocking is that Matt takes you by the waist to “Jen” while giving a warm kiss on the lips. To this date, the artist was still married to actor Brad Pittso be certain this picture would be between that fidelity and reputation.

During the divorce of this darling couple of Hollywood, in 2005, Pitt was severely criticized for being responsible for the end of the marriage. And is that in 2004, the actor began to be involved sentimentally with Angelina Jolie, in the middle of the recordings of the tape “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”.

In January 2005, Brad and Jennifer announced their separation ensuring that was not due to anything reported in the media, but to a deep inner reflection.

Friends are friends or more than friends?

The photo of Jennifer and Matt is not an isolated event. According to the Cosmopolitan magazinein 2015, the father of LeBlanc confessed that the actors themselves had had a romance a secret for that time.

The statements were debunked and repudiated by the actor and by representatives of the actress. However, there is still the doubt if it was he truly the cause of the breakup of the couple.

The most paradoxical of all is that the plot of the series, “Rachel” and “Joey” were never able to realize a loving relationship due to the strong friendship of the united. However, apparently in real life could become more than friends. It is an uncertainty that will remain forever.

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