Future Talks ‘High Off Life’ and collaborations with Travis Scott and Meek Mill and his influence


Fresh off the release of their new album, High Off Life, Future rang in to Zane Lowe on Apple Music to discuss his latest project.

During the one-hour interview, the leader of the Freebandz talk to you about your constant evolution and routine, creating classic and his collaboration with Travis Scott and Meek Mill.

He also spoke about his influence on the artists of today, while giving its support to Young Thug (“That’s my twin”), Lil Uzi Vert and the late Juice WRLD.

And was not shy to proclaim his own greatness. “In 2080, they will speak of me as if she had just dropped,” said Future. “It’s bigger than what you can see now … I Am a life style”.

In addition, the rapper “Life Is Good” revealed that is working on a book and a movie for Netflix. “Right now I have my book that I’m working, my film that I’m working, be able to find it on Netflix,” he said.

Read the highlights of the interview Hndrxx below.

On its evolution: “You change when it is time for a change. You change when it is … Beneficial to me at this time, because I was benefiting be the person I was and be the person that I am and be the person that everyone loved. Then, if change, it has to be changing to benefit you. For me it has to be beneficial to change … you Have to do it gradually. You have to become that person and be able to live that, live your truth. “

On the creation of timeless music: “When it comes to a classic, people will be able to identify you and recedes in time and may listen to in 20 years and think that it is a great body of music and to be able to accept it in their own time. That is why it is a classic. In due time, it will be something special for everyone, but it was a bad time for us, but it was a great music. And I’m not angry with that because I am creative … I am still creating “.

On the opening of the doors for artists like Young Thug and Lil Uzi Vert: “Of course that is my twin [Young Thug]. It’s like, am I, then he is, I am and he is, then he is and I am. What else? This is Baby Pluto, of course … That is the family. We want everyone to be super rich, we want everyone to take this shit to the next level. I wanted to start to get paid a certain amount for the shows, so that the next person behind me doing the same type of music or better music, could receive a payment much more. You’re from the streets, you’re in the trenches, you need to pay this amount of money. This is what we pay now. We are paid like pop stars “.

To find the formula: “It was not fast for me, but everyone that comes after me, it will happen fast because, I found the fault in the array, I found the recipe. Once you’ve found the recipe, what it is like trying to find a cure for Crown? I found the cure to make this shit explode. Trust. Let’s make it pop, whatever you do is going to make it pop. You can be yourself and it’s going to explode. You can cross also. You can get the same money as a pop star by being yourself. You do not need to be cheesy. Just be yourself and you get money from stars of pop ”.

About working with Travis Scott in “Solitary”: “That’s a good collaboration. Not just be expensive, just to have a taste expensive. Artistically, Travis, is on another level when it comes to being artistic and all. As, all of your vision, be committed, the work of art and only the art central. He knows what he is doing. “

In Juice WRLD: “It was like working with a different breed. It is something different Juice one of them, as I say, had the answers to it. They had an answer for this. Was special I Know that was a special moment … Just working with him. Is a great kid, a special child “.

In his collaboration with Meek Mill “100 Shooters”: “That’s when we collaborated for the first time, at the time I threw it, I thought it was just a collaboration fresh for me and Meek to do something. Man, I want to work more with Meek. And always work in the studio, always together. Then there is nothing to do. “

On his prolific output and his sons: “I’m just an addict to the study. It is only what I am, I don’t love nothing more than to make music. Jackson 5. Some shit Jackson 5. Marley Marley More Bob. Man, 1000%. All my children, heads, because I am a boss. So, one thing about it, just believe heads. You have DNA. And your DNA, there is a boss in his DNA. Then it is a problem. “