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A series of pictures captured by Google Maps have been left more than disappointed to thousand Marvel fans, since they came to believe that the famous Spider-Man had been seen hanging on the wall of a dwelling located in Switzerland.

It all started when a young explorer used Google Maps to locate an address in a european city came across a strange character that looked like the popular ‘Spidey’, who was climbing a home and getting ready to fight with some villain.

The boy could not believe what I saw, so they quickly decided to make some screenshots and share the images on social media. However, when you carefully review these scenes, was able to reveal what was actually happening in the place and was totally disappointed. Do you want to know what it was really such a character? Keep reading to be aware of everything.

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Thousands of fans of Spider-Manthe famous superhero Marvel, they had been impressed because in the pictures captured by Google Maps, allegedly had managed to find the charismatic ‘climb walls’ in a home located in Allschwil, Switzerland.

The young tourist used the famous application of virtual navigation to visit a few homes located in Switzerland, when you zoom in with Google Maps in a colorful house, he could see a strange silhouette, which turned out to be a figure of Spider-Man.

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Although the young explorer came to think for a moment that it was the beloved superhero Marvel, what is certain is that by consulting with a number of young people in social networks, was able to discover that this character was actually a doll that had been placed on a wall by the owner of this house, who apparently is a huge fan of Spider-Man, one of the most popular characters of the UCM, and that has been interpreted by actors as Tom Holland, Tobey Maguire, among others.

Do you want to see this amazing figure located in Switzerland? Check out the pictures that are in the top. You can see that the ‘doll’ of Spider-Man has a real size and is so well designed that it managed to fool more of a fan of the famous character.

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If you want to know all these secret tricks and tips to take advantage of Google Maps, then please do not hesitate to check the following video of YouTube that collects the methods hidden application developed by the technology giant.

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