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The singer and actress, california, Hailee Steinfeld will be the presenter and will also act in the gala of delivery of awards european MTV (EMA) to be held on Sunday 4 November in the exhibition centre BEC in Barakaldo (north of Spain), the organization announced today.

Steinfeld was the winner of the award for best push (rookie) last year and is nominated again in these EMA, this time for best pop artist, alongside artists such as Ariana Grande, Camila Cabello, Dua Lipa, and Shawn Mendes.

She was also nominated as an actress in the prizes Oscar as supporting actress for her role in “True Grid” from the Coen brothers (2011).

“The EMAs are a show in which anything can happen. I’m eager for hosting this event full of artists and amazing performances, and there will be some surprise on my part Let’s go beyond, Bilbao!”, said the singer, according to the statement of the organization,

On the other hand, MTV announced today it has opened the registration process to be eligible to purchase tickets for this gala, main in the BEC, which will be by draw.

There will be two types of tickets available, some with full vision ($74) and others with reduced vision (40 dollars). The holder of the ticket must be part of the group of attendees that will use it to enter the venue.

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