Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry, a calvary for abuse, racism, and the specter of an incestuous relationship


Every story has two sides and, in many cases, which is more hidden, or not known until years later, or not get to know never. The first of these two hypotheses is that which applies to the turbulent history between the former ‘Bond girl’ Halle Berry and the canadian model Gabriel Aubrywith whom the actress had a relationship, between 2005 and 2010.

According to has been able to find that now, almost 10 years after its rupture and the demand by the custody of the daughter they had in common, in march of 2008, Nahlathings ended awfully wrong between them. So much so that, during the process mediated to establish guidelines in the care of the small, Berry came to accuse Aubry of abusing her, of giving racist comments to her and the small, and of having intercourse incestuous before they would start their courtship, something that he would have confessed himself.

Gabriel Aubrey and Halle Berry

Gabriel Aubrey and Halle Berry

These have been some of the most impactful brought to light by the website the american Radar Onlinethat has made public some documents never seen such demand by the custody. In those roles, will pick up some of the statements made by the actress against her partner in order to avoid that the canadian would choose to the care of the daughter they have in common, that today is 11 years old.

To others of accusing Gabriel Aubry you have mental problems, which is why they ensured that he should not take charge of the girl, Halle Berry wanted to highlight that, beyond the damage infringed against it, the model always refused to accept that Nahla was mixed, for which reason the discriminated.

If these comments were not enough, the interpreter threw some hard accusations we have not left anyone indifferent. About the sex life he had with the model, Berry stated that, after a few months together, everything has changed radically because Aubry supposedly he admitted that he had maintained relationship incestuous “for years,” with a family member before to be with her and that had only ended because the other party put in order.

“After the first six months of our relationshipour sex life decreased and after a year we had sex about three times a year (…) He refused to recognize or accept responsibility for their problems and, in turn, criticized my body in ways totally degrading for a woman … Finally I convinced him to go to a therapist together to address these problems,” said the actress in the written statement for the trial.

Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry, for a walk with their daughter Nahla in London in 2010

Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry, for a walk with their daughter Nahla in London in 2010

After these versions were included in the statements the actress for the trial, the custody dispute of 2011 focused on the plans of the interpreter to move to France with Nahla to live with his then-partner, French actor Olivier Martinez, something that, according to Aubry, interfered with his agreement custody joint.

The worst episode this war came in November 2012, when Martinez and Aubry came to blows after an altercation in the house of Berry California, which ended with the actor and the model in the hospital. Apparently, that fight, that circulated some images of the canadian bruised on the internet, had to do with the refusal of a judge to that the actress was moving with the French.

After that chapter unpleasant, Olivier Martinez, Halle Berry and her daughter Nahla were granted an restraining order against Gabriel Aubry, who gave it back to you by filing an order of the same type against Martinez. Despite this, none of the two ex-partners of the actress filed charges.

After the fight, Gabriel Aubry and Halle Berry they came to an agreement over custody of Nahla in 2014. On that occasion, the court took the case ruled that the well-known actress had to pay the father of his daughter over 14,000 euros per month in concept of child support and to cover the costs of your legal defense (approximately 275,000 euros).

Olivier Martinez and Halle Berry with her son Maceo Martinez, in 2014

Olivier Martinez and Halle Berry with her son Maceo Martinez, in 2014
(Julian-FK-Nic/X17online.com / ©GTRESONLINE)

Finally, in 2015, two years after Berry had a child along with Olivier Martinez named Maceothe couple separaró. From then on, began a legal battle between the two actors in the custody of the child. However, that is a totally different story.