Halle Berry from homeless to Hollywood star


The star of the entertainment celebrated the birthday 53 committed to the social causes.

Halle Berry came to your birthday number 53 as one of the celebrities most important in the world of modeling and one of the actresses better paid of Hollywood, which he achieved thanks to an artistic career based on effort and improvement. The daughter of a nurse and a doctor, african-american, Berry was born in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1966, and although he is currently a star in the entertainment world, he lived as a homeless person and he was struggling before achieving success. His childhood was spent in a suburb of Cleveland, where he lived with his mother Judith Hawkins, of descent English, and his sister, Heidi; her father left when she was four years old, and although he would return seasonally to their home, his presence was always of violence and abuse. In addition, where he lived, the population was largely white and suffered from constant teasing and mistreatment because of their skin colour.

The world of modeling

From a very young age, Halle is noted for its beauty, a quality that opened the doors of the modeling world, so I decided to move to Chicago and then to New York in search of better opportunities. The start of his road to success was hard, had to ask for help to his mother in order to survive in “The Big Apple”, but she refused, so he had to live in a hostel until he got a job as a waitress, then as a barista, until he ventured into modeling. The precarious conditions in which he lived when he was 18 years old, provided the experience to guide your life, for the little time he won in 1986 the title of Miss USA, which represented the beginning of his journey to success. With all of the enthusiasm to succeed, Berry made a host of castings, among them for a role in the series “Charlie’s angels”, which was chosen but later rejected by the producer Aaron Spelling, in 1989. He later tried to make a brand new start, he touched a lot of doors with little success, he turned to shelters to survive until it was breaking through with commercials and modeling until he managed to be the “official face” of a house of make-up and secondary roles in tv series.

A career on the rise

His first role as protagonist was in the “Living dolls”, a melodrama in which she played a model, and unsatisfied, and although the series was not so successful, he managed to win recognition as an actress. In 1991 he participated in jungle Fever, which catapulted his career. During the decade of the nineties intervened in various filming as “The prince of women” (1992), who co-starred with Eddie Murphy; the real-life version of “The Flintstones” (1994), Brian Levant; Bulworth (1998) Warren Beatty; and “X-Men” (2000), Bryan Singer; he also acted in the filming of several series. In this way managed to win the Emmy and the Golden Globe for Best Dramatic Actress for the miniseries Introducing Dorothy Dandridge (1999). His career continued on the rise, in 2002 he won the Oscar as Best Actress for her work in “Monster”s ball”, becoming the first woman of african descent in obtaining this award. His fame increased in all over the world, because from then was contacted for roles in movies of the saga “James Bond” and “Batman”.

Personal life

When Berry began to enjoy success in his personal life things were not well; ended a relationship of abuse that she received constant beatings from her boyfriend, which even resulted in him losing the hearing in one of his ears. In January 1993, she married David Justice, a baseball player for the Atlanta Braves, with whom the happiness was short-lived. He also mistreated her physically and psychologically, so that the relationship ended in 1997. Later he married with the rhythm & blues singer Eric Benet, with whom she had a daughter a few months later and in 2001 formalised their relationship; the marriage lasted only four years. He is currently married to Olivier Martinez, with whom he joined in 2013; has two children, in addition, she combines her career with social causes, and participates in conferences on behalf of the rights of women, malnutrition, among others. Feature: Notimex/Printings: Clasos

It is one of the actresses better paid of Hollywood, Halle Berry
Halle Berry celebrated her birthday 53 committed to the social causes