Heather Morris (‘Glee’) talks about the terrible experience when they leaked their nude photos, and the attitude of their peers


Years after the event, the actress Heather Morris has posted a picture in a bikini sincerándose with a vulnerable words about his work for back to feeling safe with your body after the hacking, and dropping their classmates of ‘Glee’ they were not much help to you in your worst moment.

“Okay as done as 10 years, some pictures of me naked leaked and many other actresses in the industry. That I felt HUMILIATED that is to say little, my body was and still is part of my job, and I felt as if I could not even walk by my work without thinking that everyone I had seen everything (some sarcastic comments of my colleagues neither helped).

Shortly after that go away didn in the abyss, I had two children and I became a mother, so until today, I have been VERY reserved in terms of how I show myself, and definitely still don’t feel 100% comfortable with anything risky.

But, for remove the pressure to feel that I need to be a stick or have a certain weight/shape/size (honestly, it’s a concept that I have accepted that my body is beautiful no matter what)… I’ve Recently started the challenge @barrys of 30 days, and I just want to say that during this quarantine I feel better than I’ve felt in a decade.

Let’s not let that no one to feel ashamed who is and go to petarlo when we want and to feel good about ourselves, what is it worth?! I already have just…”, concluded the actress in a post very applauded.

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