– Horoscopes: The twelve stars of the zodiac they throw the key astral for the weekend


The horoscope reads the energy availability based on the transit of the planets through the twelve signs


Key for the weekend: Save a little, especially forbidden to spend on trivialities.


Key for the weekend: It is a good time for a contact with people of their profession.


Key for the weekend: It is good to insist if you are sure of what you want.


Key for the weekend: Be too comprehensive not served, check limits.

  • Mhoni Seer predicts that today is the day of the miracle, and announces the revelations in the star sun


Key for the weekend: Find a moment of calm even in the storm.


Key for the weekend: Will come forward to force of will. Be consistent.


Key for the weekend: Get the entire body that most want.


Key for the weekend: Don’t be distracted with details, able to capture the moment.


Key for the weekend: If you don’t understand with a partner or mate, to be honest.


Key for the weekend: Speaking people to understand, but. need to listen to


Key for the weekend: Don’t waste your time on those who do not know to thank.


Key for the weekend: Don’t let what to ignore in the name of independence.

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  2. Emily Ratajkowski put on a white t-shirt and forgot about the bra
  3. Ilia Calderon recalls with sadness for not having been able to react after receiving a racist attack
  4. Valerie Dominguez took off the bra of the bikini on the beach