I move bomb in The Witcher! Henry Cavill has a new partner: Attention!


February 07, 2020
(09:00 CET)

The Witcher is definitely the series most-watched and important part of this 2020. It seems that Netflix has found the baton on to Game of Thrones. The fiction is getting audiences suave on the platform. The Witcher already renewed for a second season that will be able to enjoy expected this year. The artistic and technical crew are already immersed in the new chapters.

Those who have already had the opportunity to see the first season sure have fallen in love Henry Cavill, the protagonist of the series. A man with a very seductive fire networks with their photographs. Without a doubt, the sequences most like are where the actor comes out with very little clothing. As the mythical scene of the bathtub.

“It is a very iconic and many people attributed to the games and yes, games made as a time iconic, but also comes out in the books and I don’t know how many people realized how iconic it was already on yes. When I was getting into the tub, I was sitting there thinking: ‘I wonder if anyone knows how important it will be this scene’. I tried to put the feet up and I could not. The shape of the bathroom is not allowed, but I also thought it might be a little too much,” says the actor.

The interpreter dares and even in the scenes more strong loves to make them himself and that we will not replace any double. Henry has gained a great popularity thanks to the fiction and today barely can go out on the street, that is why usually on the move with bike and in this way you can wear a helmet to cover your head.

At the end of this month of February will start the filming of the second season of the series, which expected to debut in 2021. After a tremidante first part, the creators of the fiction will reinforce the cast with new characters that bring new storylines to the series.

Carmel Laniado

The first face confirmed it is Carmel Laniado, known for The adventures of Doctor Dolittle. The british actress will have a supporting role and will participate in three chapters of this new stage. The fantastic world of the hunter of beasts professional will continue to expand its universe. On this occasion, the exteriors will be filmed in the Uk, Scotland and some parts of Eastern Europe.