Qazikoo Bank, a fintech start-up bank with a revolutionary digital platform, is inviting both individual and corporate investors to deploy funds towards this unicorn venture through the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS).

Qazikoo Bank will seek to constructively disrupt traditional banks with a seamless digital operation wherein the customer can access all their international accounts with one user-friendly, fully secured platform.

Qazikoo will feature convenient user-friendly features such as the ability to make local and international payments, access to more than 30 foreign exchange currencies and the benefit of being serviced by its global network of International Bank Account Numbers (IBANs).

Within a year, through outside funding and using key personnel with global experience in fintech software ventures, Qazikoo Bank hopes to be one of the leading non-traditional players in the finance industry.

Investment in Qazikoo Bank through the EIS will enable the individual and corporate investors to benefit from a number of tax relief programs.

EIS incentives consist of 30 percent income tax relief, capital gains tax deferral and other tax liability exemptions.

With regards to the benefit of a capital gains tax deferral when investing in Qazikoo Bank, the individual or corporate investor can defer capital gains payments realized on an entirely different asset, wherein that asset was disposed of less than 12 months before the EIS backed investment in Qazikoo Bank was made or less than 36 months after its inception. The relief amount is limited to the total investment made in Qazikoo Bank through EIS. Another requirement for capital gains payment deferral is that total investment in Qazikoo Bank should not exceed 30 percent ownership of the fintech start-up.

Invest now in the challenger bank platform of Qazikoo Bank through EIS and realize both higher income yields and substantial tax liability reductions.