Katy Perry, Elite, Ghost of Tsushima and more


In Cinema


Tom Hanks returns to the Second World War made his debut as a screenwriter, with a plot inspired by real events and the story of commander Ernest Krause, who during the early days of the U.s. involvement in the Second World War, leads a convoy international 37 ship allies to cross the North Atlantic, while he is pursued by German submarines. The premiere is on may 2020.

Artemis Fowl

Disney will premiere the adaptation of the popular book youth of Eoin Colfer’s about a young irish descendant of a long line of criminal intellectuals. Following in the footsteps of his family, Artemis he kidnaps the fairy Holly Short with the intention of asking for a bailout that will allow him to save his father. Once you have met your intentions, you will embark on an adventure that will take you to fight with the evil Opal Koboi. It was premiered on the 29th of may 2020.


From the minds behind Spider-Man: A New Universe there comes an animated film about a family whose vacation is interrupted by a rebellion of the machines led by robots, despachadoras of soda and roasters. The premiere is on the 18th of September 2020.

It Scooby!

Scooby and the gang face the biggest mystery of their lives: a plot to free the phantom dog Cerberus in the world. While struggling to stop the shortage of dogs overall, they find that Scooby have a secret legacy and a destiny bigger than anyone could imagine. The premiere is on may 2020.


EliteSeason 3

The third season of Elite will present a new drama, when another murder happens in The Oaks. The college will live one of the situations more tense that will change your life for the last year as students. The premiere is on the 13th of march on Netflix.

The House of Paper, Season 4

The Professor is ready to shake off the shock that left the seemingly death of Lisbon and the shot which he received of Nairobi; now try to overcome all the adversities that he left the blow to the Bank of Spain. The premiere is on April 3 on Netflix.

OzarkSeason 3

After a long wait, Jason Bateman is back with the third season of this series about crime. Six months have passed, the casino is in operation, but Marty and Wendy are fighting for control of the destiny of the family. Aided by an alliance with Helen and the leader of the drug cartel Omar Navarro, Wendy’s plans for his expansion while Marty preaches maintain the status quo. But when the brother of Wendy, Ben, comes to town, the life of all looks to be lost in chaos. The premiere is on the 27th of march on Netflix.

The House of FlowersSeason 3

The third and final season of the series created by Manolo Caro takes us to the seventies to learn the secrets of the family De la Mora. Rebecca Jones, Ximena Sariñana, Christian Chávez and even Pedrito Alone join the cast. Very soon on Netflix.

In Music

Katy Perry – Never Worn White

The pop star american took his fans by surprise by announcing a new song from their next studio album. But this is not a video either, because at the end, Perry shows his profile with a prominent belly, which announced she is expecting her first child together with her fiance, the actor Orlando Bloom.

Drake – When To Say When & Chicago Freestyle

After an absence of two years, rapper canadian decided to surprise its fans with two new songs that he gathered in a single music video. In them he speaks about his son, the mother of his child and shows that even though you became a star of R&B, you can still rapping.

Four Tet – Baby

The DJ English leads us to a air travel in the first person with the first single from their album Sixteen Oceansthat it will be out next march 13. The song, in collaboration with the singer Elle Goulding, is just a taste of his long-awaited return.

Haim – The Steps

The sisters Haim show us their most intimate in this video directed again by Paul Thomas Anderson, where they show the process of preparing for a show. The song is part of Women In Music Pt IIIhis new studio album which will be out next 24th of April.

In Video Games

Ghost of Tsushima

Sony fulfilled its promise to have a brand new in the summer of this year the last great exclusive on the PlayStation 4 prior to the launch of the PS5. It prepares your katana, because Ghost of Tsushima will hit the market on the 26th of June 2020 for the PS4! Learn more about the game and its editions of collector’s here.

Marvel Future Revolution

Netmarble listened to our prayers and developed a open world game inspired by the superheroes of Marvel Comics for mobile devices. While the video is cinematic, we hope that the gameplay look just as amazing.

Destiny 2: Season of the Worthy

The new season of Destiny 2, Season of the Worthy. present new weapons, game modes, unprecedented challenges, and the return of Trials of Osiris, as well as some cosmetics, armor that will be detailed in the season premiere. Season of the Worthy will be available from march 10 to June 9, 2020.

In Technology

WhatsApp Dark Mode

The application of instant messaging premiered as an official its long-awaited Dark Mode for iOS and Android devices to help the reading and to take care of the vision. In Panda Wide we show you how to install it on your devices.

Nintendo Switch Lite Coral

Although during this year Nintendo is not releasing a new console, yes will launch on the market a new color of the Switch Lite in Coral color, oriented to the female audience, but to tell you the truth, all they can use because they look amazing.

Samsung Galaxy S20

The amazing Galaxy S20, released earlier this year is continuing its campaign to introduce its advanced features of photography and mobile productivity that make him one of the candidates for the best smartphone 2020.


Life in Beijing with Coronavirus

The rapid spread of the disease, has forced the countries to take steps to reduce the infections. These measures include actions such as working from home and to cancel or prohibit entertainment events with large crowds, that is why cities such as Beijing currently look like desert cities of a future post-apocalyptic.

Thief is horrified by his reflection

And in the section of The Worst thieves in the world, we will share the incredible story of the criminal, a coward, who when to rob a house, he trembled with his own reflection and ran out without the loot. Thank goodness everything was recorded on video!