Kelly Clarkson believed that his son had hearing problems


Kelly Clarkson

Remington, of four years, had problems with the development of their speech, and the singer thought that his son had a serious problem.

Kelly Clarkson once feared that her son Remington had hearing problems.

The singer, 38-year-old reveals that her four year old son had problems with the development of their speech, something the left really worried that I had a serious medical problem.

“He had a problem speaking because I had this ear problem when he was a baby,” she told People magazine. “We didn’t know it. But in the back of their ears, had a ton of wax, where we thought he was deaf because he spoke as if he was under the water.”

Fortunately, the singer and her husband Brandon Blackstock discovered that speech problems were correctable, and the family has been working on the problem with a speech therapist through the conference platform Zoom.

“We discovered that it was something simple, but delayed almost nine months,” he adds. “So we have been working very hard with his speech and is still doing her therapy sessions via Zoom. The big milestone for us is that Remy discover really your own personality and your identity, because it has been frustrating for him not being able to really express their emotion. “

And now Clarkson is delighted that all their efforts have been worth it.

She adds: “The fact that he is making complete sentences now, and commit fully with us, it is really a blessing.”