Lady Gaga: new boyfriend, the next disk and a apocalptico video clip


The singer and actress has just released the song Stupid Love, which advances their new album

Updated 16/03/2020 18:08

Sabamos was a great artist, and A star is born (Oscar 2018 to the best song by “Shallow”) showed that besides is a great actress. While asks his followers on Instagram that is taken seriously in the expansion of the coronavirus and publishes several photos with her boyfriend, Lady Gaga just released a video clip futuristic that announces her next album and looks like a film of Mad Max.

So we have been able to see in your new song, Stupid Lovethe next album of Lady Gaga (planned for mid-April) proposes a return to the music dance of the eighties and a sneak peek to a future post apocalptico. In the video clip, Lady Gaga wears a space suit magenta in a landscape desrtico as if you were in a scene from Mad Max, and speaks of a world in conflict where several tribes are fighting for power.

In a recent message in your account of Instagram, the singer has asked his followers to be kind and take precedence over the love to any other feeling in these difficult times for the coronavirus. “We can feel powerless and out of control, but also can fill that space with kindness and be a part of the solution to the problems of the world. We can help you to cure with just to be kind and care for each other and ourselves in this time,” he says.

Although during a long relationship with Bradley Cooperthat will lead and accompany you as the protagonist in A star is born, it seems that between the two only there was a deep friendship. “I have a friend for life,” declares Cooper to persistent rumors.

What’s new in the life of Gaga don’t stop with their new album. In the past holding the Super Bowl showed up with his current partner, an up to now unknown entrepreneur from Harvard University. Michael Polanskythat ace is called the brand-new romance, is an expert in technology and finance, and has no qualms about appearing with Lady Gaga in your account of Instagram. For the moment, it seems that makes you happy.