Lila Downs launches song beneficial, “The silence” | The Sun


With a sound that harks back to a cantina in the middle of the desert, saxophones and guitars with reverberancia, Lila Downs takes us to a lonely night in the middle of the quarantine zone with his new song beneficial, “The silence”.

“These are times of silence because there is a curfew/Night coyotes and the moon, two pulques and a promise”, says the song composed during the quarantine by Downs, released on Friday and whose proceeds will be donated in its entirety to the temporary drive COVID-19 of the Center Citibanamex of Mexico City, a hospital for patients with the disease.

“It’s what I first felt when we locked ourselves up from the start, immediately noticed that there was a particular silence-because there was so much traffic, people moving to and fro one another,” he said Wednesday in a telephone interview from the southern state of Oaxaca.

In some populations its native state is implementing the curfew. In other police monitor the access. For Downs, this experience is not at all strange because when I was a girl lived other curfews.

“I grew up in a village well and soon had a curfew,” he said without letting them see the positive side of the landfill. “I think we need to have a bit of silence to take into account the things that are important to us”.

Be forced to stay at home serves to “make the patches on all the senses,” Downs said, referring to the personal matters outstanding that require reflection. In your case, the patches are also literal, as with more time at home has been able to resume his old taste for embroidery and sewing.

“I love to sew my costumes and my huipiles, sometimes I do crochet and those things that are … well strange to do. Years ago already that he had not grabbed a hook and I had begun to make a daisy chain, that I loved,” he said.

“And also being able to compose, because the truth is that yes you need silence to be able to compose, of soon is more complicated because you have to do the work in the house and that complicates everything, but when there is tiempitos is very special to be able to have that silence,” he added.

Downs wrote “The silence” along with her husband Paul Cohen.

“I wanted a fa in the bridge, as he didn’t liked it but I fought for my fa and he was in the song. And so the discussions in a marital,” Downs said with humor. “It was the theme as a memento of something that we are living.”

The son of both, Benedict of 9 years, it has adapted quite well to being at home trying to stay in contact with your friends through video calls, and doing cooking projects.

“Children need consistent discipline, as soon as I could not get out to see their friends made a Zoom,” she said. “He just gets to make up his exercise thing that I love, because before he did not like to do exercise, and as we have done in family with a YouTube video of walk around and dance today he did it all by himself and I love to see that, the changes are nice touches to see them now that if we weren’t at home we would not see”.

The past weekend Downs participated in the festival virtual Made in House along with artists such as Andres Cepeda, Becky G, Camilo, Fito Paez, Francisca Valenzuela, Gente de Zona, iLe, Lali and Pabllo Vittar.

“We were able to achieve a few subjects pretty well, I loved it,” Downs said about this experience. The singer won the Grammy and the Latin Grammy winner plans to do soon an online presentation of your new theme to be more close to their audience: “Already miss you”, he said.