Lizzo was in Mexico, went to the Apple Store and it was pure love itself


In some senses the world is evolving for the good, and Lizzo is an agent of that change.

This singer is refuting some of the greatest lies told to women, and in what way.

A few days ago he visited Mexico City and, in a sign of surprise at the Apple Store Antara, shared with his fans a powerful message self-love.

“I’ve learned a lot of self-love, of loving myself and how that works in the real world. Because you can love all the days at home, but just put one foot on the outside, there will be people who want to take away that, “he said.

And is that, from the moment the broke world-wide with “Good As Hell” (2017), it was very clear that with their lyrics, rhythm, and look began a new era for music and women.

During the chat with presenter Ebro Darden, Lizzo said to his fans that the success that has started to harvest was not of the overnight.

In fact comes from at least 10 years ago studies and presentations in clubs of motorcyclists and at times very chaotic in his career.

He has really enjoyed it, but also has cried a lot, she said.

“It took Me 10 years to get to the success of this album. It is important to remember that my story is mine, we are all different and there are those who are famous since he was 16; I am very grateful with what is going on with me. We must appreciate the journey.”

Your dreams are beginning to be fulfilled.

“My dream was to see people singing my songs in my performances. Now this is happening, my dream became a reality and I am very grateful”.

As for the success, is not really sure what it means or how to take it.

“We need to give ourselves more credit for the things that we do, I am working on that because sometimes I say what a wonderful thing that remains humble and grounded.

But, I did not even think it is humble because I don’t know why it should not be. That is to say, I’m not doing something as for losing the floor and leave of be humble. I know that ” yes, but, I don’t know, I am working on that. Embrace my body and who I am, but still do not embrace what I do or what I have achieved“.

At the end of the conversation, Lizzo received a recognition on the part of Apple Music.

He promised that soon will come new surprises, but asked for patience because it will take time.

The encounter with Lizzo was a session “Today at Apple”, talks and conferences given in flagship stores such as the Antara. You can find more similar activities in the official site.