Mariah Carey, the last famous in sign up for the #DollyPartonChallenge


Past the shock of the last few days, in which to Mariah Carey he ‘was hacked’ her Twitter account and during half-time your profile is filled with trolls who took the opportunity to pour racist insults and attacks against Eminemthe singer has returned with a lot of humor to the social media to join the challenge in a viral fashion, the #DollyPartonChallenge. This is a meme that the users to compare the ups and downs of their various social networks: Facebook, Linkedin, Tinder, Instagram, Youtube… The goal is to compare the way in which the world shows its various facets (most family-friendly, professional, sultry, fun, creative…) depending on the platform on which to move.

It all started when the queen of the country, Dolly Partonshared the first assembly, on Twitter at the end of January. “You get a woman who can do it all,” wrote the multi-talented artist, 74-year-old, along with four images of him were very different.

The assembly had made his fortune, and already contains more than 250,000 ‘likes’. In addition, crowd of celebrities and politicians have jumped on the bandwagon of Parton. As Carey, who, for his part, has added a new variant, because they uploaded photos with their three pairs. In the box corresponding to Linkedin, appears estrechándole the hand to Tommy Mottolamogul of the music industry was her first husband. In the section of Facebook is listed with your other ex-husband and father of their two children, Nick Cannon (to show his side of the family). In Instagram has been reserved for a picture with his current partner, the dancer Bryan Tanaka. And, finally, on Tinder, it appears alone, in bikinis, and with several kilos less.

Of Cyrus to Will Smith and Jose Mota

The challenge has been embraced by a multitude of famous, as the very godchild of Dolly Parton, Miley Cyrusthe Jonas Brothers, Mark Ruffalo, Will Smith, Modern Family, Friends, Janet Jackson and Jennifer Garner.

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