Mia Khalifa shows DEFORMITY among their babes, it’s Unpleasant!


Mia Khalifa who is a renowned former actress adult film that recently has been more active in their social networks both in Instagram as in Tik Tok, where in the latter has caused the rage for their fun video.

It turns out that the sultry model, last week published one where an effect of the application of TikTok make it look as if it had three breasts, and even a huge nose and that has caused the surprise and horror of his fans on the social networks.

Before how rare it may be the video until the time has generated nearly 6 million views and in addition Mia Khalifa also took the opportunity to inform their followers what is your attire official for this quarantine, which he named: “Lycra, the quarantine uniform”.

It is noteworthy that in this photo comes with a sports wear with a pink top and a pair of sporty blue color. Its publication had almost 500 thousand likes.

The critical aspect of Mia Khalifa

If we remember a little, the former porn actress of 27 years old has always been exposed to all kinds of comments elevated tone for their publications, as it still likes to wear all types of garments, hot or sexy lingerie for your exclusive content on social networks, as became his profession in modeling ies) for its nearly 20 million fans on Instagram.

Mia Khalifa has also received praise from her faithful fans, those who could not help worry about your current state of health, as many claim that his “extreme thinness” is due to be the celebrity may be suffering from a severe depression, others even mentioned that the blame would be his partner.

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Among the comments he has received for his appearance we find: “it Is sad to see how they mock it without knowing why it is so. Other than that you’re going through a disease called hiperhidrosi”, “change This Mia khalifa is anything but normal. Hopefully they will recover with a good diet”, “Woman, what happened to you? Leave that man now. That hand is really bad”, among others.