Miley Cyrus criticizes the celebrities who share their economic privileges in the midst of crisis by coronavirus


What happened?

The actress and singer Miley Cyrus he expressed his disagreement with the celebrities who show off their luxurious mansions and amenities in these difficult times that humanity is living, in the midst of the pandemic by the COVID-19.

During confinement, many artists who have interrupted their activities have been found in social networks a way of reaching their fans. To several you can see them by doing exercises, sharing recipes, live concerts through digital platforms or just funny videos in TikTok.

Reviews of Cyrus

But the former star of Disney these presumptions don’t like and would prefer to show empathy for the people who can are going very wrong, and that they are in a condition of vulnerability.

“I am very aware that I have a privileged position, and that’s why I also know that my experience with this pandemic does not look anything like what you are living millions of families both in my country as in the rest of the world,” said Cyrus in an interview released by the magazine Vanity Fair.

I’m in a house with all the comforts possible, I can put food on my table and my economic situation is stable. I do not run any danger, and unfortunately that is not something that you can say a lot of people” said the former interpreter of children’s series Hanna Montana.

Contribution of the singer

Cyrus has also wished to make its contribution in the midst of this global crisis, through his profile in Instagram issued a live program Brigth Minded (brilliant Minds), in which interview celebrities, looking to present positive stories to the world.

“I’m sure that a lot of people that I have contacted feel the same as me. That’s why this experience is still so rare for us, because it does not seem to me very correct that we have our privileged life right now”, he questioned the pop star.

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