Natti Natasha leaves behind the clothes for your next and long-awaited music video


Nothing has been set ahead to Natti Natasha to record from home the video of his next theme. Without fear of quarantine, the dominican republic has decided that the song would have its representation in images, and without thinking a moment, he has stripped his clothing to make a custom video clip.

If the artist of 33 years had already boasted of tipazo in a video in front of the mirror in the bathroom, being filmed by a guy as he recalled a part of the song ‘No Pajamas’ that you share with Becky G. The interpreter of ‘The Best Version of Me (remix)’ has returned to do it with another image in your account of Instagram.

This time with a few words that allowed you to understand the image, Natti announced that it is recording a video clip for which has been chosen by her tiny panties and a wavy hair strategically placed to avoid the censorship of the social network. In addition, there were a pair of sunglasses and a “gold chain” by demonstration of their luxuries in order to give this news as expected. “Recording my new video Clip Homemade #quemaltefue Pending my @tiktok,” said the artist.

Natti Natasha, proud of her body, is wearing the results of his hard training to his followers more than ever in this forty and that is that secrets do not exist between her and her fans, not caring to reveal their most intimate. As soon as you up a pregnancy test (negative) narrow questions about your pregnancy, as it appears in top-less forward on the nets the heat of the summer.

On this occasion, has been his next music video which has led the artist to presume, once more, his toned body, and what is certain is that is great and that since then we are waiting for new news on TikTok on this topic so sensual.