New song of Demi Lovato, is dedicated to Nick Jonas?


At this point, thanks to stars like Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande we have already got used to that the famous vent your life and send hints in their songs. Then launch the simple autobiographical ‘I Love Me’, was leaked a new topic Demi Lovato entitled ‘Ain’t No Friends’ and the fans believe that is dedicated to Nick Jonas, her ex-best friend.

This Thursday began circulating two previously unreleased songs on the new album Demi, ‘D7 sessions’but it was ‘Ain’t No Friends’ that gave more to talk about. A user of Reddit was in charge of shredding the letter to prove that it would work Nick Jonas.


“This ain’t no safehouse” (This is not a shelter) – The record label of Demi and Nick is called Safehouse Records.

“It was all good back when we were working for the big mouse” (All was well when we worked for the big mouse) – large Mouse = Mickey Mouse = Disney.

“We were best friends, family and everything in-between. Never thought you’d be the enemy” (We were best friends, family and everything else. I never thought that you would be the enemy).

“You ain’t no friend of mine, your love was a lie” (You’re not my friend, your love was a lie).

“You ain’t no friend of mine, you left me there to die” (You’re not my friend, you left me there to die).

“It was a sad day, when I realized that the loyalty was only going one way” (It was a sad day when I realized that the only loyalty was in a sense).

“Took you on the road, showed you some love, let you play me” (I took it on the road, I showed you a little love, you let him play with me) – it Would be a reference to when Nick was on tour with Demi in the Future Now Tour.

– “This is our future now” (This is our future now) – Another reference to the tour that made Lovato with the youngest of the Jonas Brothers.

– “Crashing down like an avalanche” (Crashing like an avalanche) – A nod to their collaboration on the theme of ‘Avalanche’.

Listen to the whole song…

It would not be the first time that Lovato is speaking of Nick, since you already did in the song ‘Ruin the Friendship’. In fact, a few weeks ago, Demi has made it clear that does not keep friendship with anyone of your stage in Disney except Miley Cyrus.

“I talk with Miley. She is amazing, I love her to death and will always do, always have done. But I think that is the only one of that era that I still keep in touch”.

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Do you think that the new song of Demi Lovato itself is an indirect very direct to Nick Jonas? What was just as important to your friendship and so strong the suit as to not be able to overcome it? What really happened between them?