Niall Horan and Hailee Steinfeld, have you broken?


The relationship Niall Horan and Hailee Steinfel was most unexpected, the truth, but from the moment that news broke of their romance, they were all glad for the couple and they began to support them and to adorarles. However, a number of indications seem to indicate that theirs has not worked and that in the end have decided to take the plunge and have been broken.

Since November of 2017, the rumors of a romance between Niall Horan and Hailee Steinfeld began to flood networks. They never came to confirm it, but his numerous public appearances, got by the paparazzi ended up confirming their relationship.

Although not attended as a couple officially to any event, they were seen several times having dinner together or enjoying concerts, and moments together. But it seems that his love has not finished curdle and have ended up breaking almost a year after you start dating. That is what that ensures the portal Daily Mail. There are several tests that lead you to think that yes, have been broken. The rumors began to appear now a few weeks.

A long time ago that the couple is not seen together. On the other hand, has appeared in the Strip, the Tinder of the celebrities, a profile with the name of the former One Direction, which would indicate that the singer is back to being single. In addition, the Daily Mail has managed to contact with someone from the environment of Niall has made some statements about it.

“Niall has been in plan bachelor in London lately, so that people start to suspect that he will be again in the market. And when he came out this profile on Raya, it was clear you are single again and you’re back to be in a position to meet people to get out.”