Nicki Minaj ¡challenges to Rosalia! teaching this ginormous: Watch the video!


February 14, 2020
(16:21 CET)

Nicki Minaj retired a few months ago and already is back. The rapper from Trinidad and Tobago, it seems that the only thing needed is that the left in peace for a few months after how hard it was being the competition with Cardi B.

Now, since restful is you want to show with a much more relaxed herself and faces his next work will see the light soon.

In social networks already is getting to see more than before and your fans will thank you with countless likes, as Nicki Minaj continues to be one of the singers most beloved of the industry.

Competition with Rosalia

In fact, it seems that what you want Nicki Minaj is now worldwide attention and that is why it has challenged the very Rosalía, who is now on the crest of wave with a few nails that have nothing to envy to the singer Catalan.

The rapper has decided to opt for a model that is not so exaggerated, but also very long to show power.

A love broken by Nicki Minaj… and Cardi B

Today is Valentine’s day and is a day for love, however, it has been revealed that one couple has broken up their marriage by fault of the singer from Trinidad and Tobago.

And it is the love between a D Andrew and you Don’t, a couple that has been two years married, are separated, by the fault of a discussion very hard to see who was better if Nicki Minaj or Cardi B. luckily for the couple it seems that reconciliation is near.