Peter Parker has a scar very particular in ‘Spider-Man 3’ that no one had noticed


Although, the version of Spidey in the MCU is very popular, there is no doubt that the trilogy of Sam Raimi will always be present in the hearts of the fans, not for nothing many still ask for the return of Tobey Maguire, but while this happens it revealed a curious fact of the first of these films, because there was a scar of Peter Parker in ‘Spider-Man 3’ that gives continuity to the story.

The great advantage of a director to make a trilogy of the same character, is that it can give continuity to its history, as being the only responsible party may develop with total freedom the superhero and not fall into the mistakes that break this continuity, such is the case with the Batman of Nolan and the Spider-Man of Raimi.

It is as well that Sam Raimi left a small detail hidden in the third installment that went ‘Spider-Man’ and makes reference to the first film of 2002, as a fan found in a scene that Peter Parker has a small scar on the right hand, which was caused by the spider that bit him and granted him his fantastic powers.

Although it can be seen as a detail of a tiny, this kind of surprises are the most likes, fans, because that will give continuity to the story and reflect the extent to which this submerged the director within the film, so after seeing this, not didamos that Raimi will do a great job with the sequel of ‘Doctor Strange’.

Although the Spider-Man of Tom Holland is one of the favorites of the public, perhaps we can never appreciate this kind of details in your story, as Marvel decided that the character would not have a movie start in their universe, and decided to incorporate it when Peter had already mastered most of his powers, however, still lack mature, as their decisions are not to the level of responsibility that should have.

Peter Parker has a scar very particular in 'Spider-Man 3' that no one had noticed scar-of-peter-parker-in-spider-man-3-600x360

Source: Sony Pictures

It is as well that the scar of Peter Parker in ‘Spider-Man 3’ is a direct reference to the first film, we hope that Raimi follow, leaving details such as these in his future films, because it says that you could direct the fourth installment of the spider in the MCU and if the case is not to deny that right-a nod to his original trilogy.