Recommendations sports RS during quarantine by the coronavirus: ‘The truth hurts’ (XLIII)


The CTE is the encephalopathy, traumatic, chronic, and its symptoms are a mix of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease premature. Affects the mood, emotions and certain motor functions. Its consequences can be final, since the person who suffers from suffers from both, you can end up committing suicide. The CTE is a recent illness that affects people who have received many hard blows on the head, something that is the bread of every day for the players of the NFL.

Mike Webster

In 2002, one of the best players in the history of this sport, Mike Webstershe died of a heart attack. That was the official cause of his death but his case came to the hands of Dr. Bennet Omalu, a neuropatólogo forensic origin nigerian who was going to discover a hidden truth, and that would shake the most popular sport in the united States.

Mike Webster was not the only player who suffered years later of his withdrawal, the consequences of a lifetime of blows to the head. Dave Duerson and Junior Seau were other. The investigation of the doctor began to collect more force, and with it, the wrath of many powerful organizations. The Dr. Bennet (WIll Smith) sought to find answers, and help, but in reality it also was challenging a sport that moves billions, it produces thousands of jobs and has 20 million fans in the united States.

Will Smith

It was covered, paragraph, persecuted, and challenged as a person and as a doctor. Years later, in 2011, about 5,000 players have sued the NFL for having hidden this information medical. The league had to come to an economic agreement and admitted to the research of Dr. Bennet. A fact that was a before and an after in this sport, because now it takes care and a lot of the health of the players. If they do not pass medical tests, very rigorous, they are not re-sent to the field as it happened before, now prevent them from returning to play. The NFL admitted that the 28% of the players would suffer cognitive impairment, and ETC. “The truth hurts” it is not a perfect movie, far from it, but yes it is interesting”.