Renowned actress responds to the comments of those who compare her with Adele


A couple of weeks ago, Adele caus a stir on social networks after he appeared wearing his new, slender figure.

While many are sure to flatter your lean silhouette, so many others dedicated to making memes cantante britnica.

There were even those who dared to highlight the great resemblance between her and Sarah Paulson, and the american actress replied to those comments.

In a recent interview with Sirius XM EW Live, the artist of 45 years said: “This has been happening since a while ago, this Adele looks like Sarah Paulson. Listen, I will accept it.

However, coment What you wanted to compare my talent with his talent, and to say that the mine of truth is as big as her… can’t say it, no one is as big as her. Which is really irritating. I look like her? She is a beauty! So I will accept it.

With these words, Paulson dej evidence that admires the interpreter Hello and that, although it receives the praise, we love that people stop to look at the physical and focus on the skills of each one.

The photo that reveals the great loss of weight Adele it was published in his account of Instagram the past 6 of may, and to date, accumulated 11.2 million likes.