Reveal relationship of The Mainland with the movie John Wick


Since it was announced in 2017, followed by the success of the second chapter, the series of John Wick, under the title of The Continental, has aroused a lot of curiosity among the fans of the stylized and violent misadventures of the super-killer. Now, it has been the franchise director, Chad Stahelski, who has offered new details on the upcoming television production.

During an interview with Fandomthe ex-stuntman he spoke at length about the approach that you would have to deal with all aspects of the holder accommodation criminal. This said:

“The angle from which they are working on the show at The Continental, now, is a different perspective of the world of John Wick, it will be treated from the points of view of different characters and shows what is the rank of this world. In John Wick followed a period of time that is almost a week in the life of a man, in which everything gets out of control, that is our story of John Wick. The angle that the other producers and writers are taking to the television program is a time line very different and a very different perspective of the character”.

series of john wick

On the other hand, it was clear that, although it has been considered that the bully personified by Keanu Reeves appears in one that another chapter, the series won’t take his point of view as the central, since there are so many characters to explore. Also, he was very emphatic in clarifying that the serial does not spare in presenting to us the most profound of the vicious underground world that had its beginnings in Another day to kill, the first installment of the franchise.

It is known that the program is transmitted through the chain Starz after the fourth tape comes to the rooms, but there are not yet details of the cast or the creative that will be behind the vile missions of the protagonists. Only known from the fact that Reeves will appear in a few episodes, which leaves open the possibility that other members are back. Will you accept Halle Berry or Ian McShane?

It is of utmost importance to clarify that this series of John Wick will be a prequel to what we saw in the films. It will be a matter of waiting to see what the team has prepared to present within the history of the place that he saw Wick take their first steps into the world of crime.