Robert Downey Jr. he confessed the reasons why he filmed Dolittle after Endgame


It is not easy for many to say goodbye to a character that catapulted him to success. However, for Robert Downey Jr. the task was not so complicated. And is that the actor who played for a decade to Iron Man and had said goodbye to the superheroes of Marvel with the film Endgame, surprised many by accepting a role in Dolittlea tape with the this year went to a public more children.

As is expressed by the actor, the reasons were linked to the great affection of his life. The film not only gave her the opportunity to work with his wife Susan Downey, producer of the film, but the couple, which is home to many animals in his home in Malibu, where they live together with their two sons, was very much reflected in the character.

“Why this movie, why now? I looked out of the window and saw our alpacas and goats. Our cows and our pigs. I simply felt a little out of sync. We don’t like to spend a lot of time without a project, extremely difficult to do together. It ended up being a kind of good environment, a process very arduous, very long, we learned a lot and now it’s so nice because the only thing that matters to me is, when people see, what they like?”, he explained Downey Jr., who said that it will continue adding more animals to your residence and that you can Dolittle to do more happy than Tony Stark.