Robert Downey Jr should learn from Chris Evans and his stage without Marvel


The career of Chris Evans without the Marvel movies is a role model for fellow Avengers as Robert Downey Jr.

Be one of the great heroes of the Movie universe of Marvel it is a guaranteed path to stardom to any actor. Even so, convert that immediate success in a career varied long-term is not assured. Even for some of the most important names as Robert Downey Jr, find success outside of the franchise turns out to be a challenge. However, of all the Avengers main actor of Captain America, Chris Evanshas had the career most unique and interesting since his first film in the UCM.

Since he became the Captain America, Chris Evans has decided not to lead too many blockbusters important. Although he was able to make the transition from a cast of superheroes full of stars among the Fantastic Four and the Avengers, not attempted to replicate that type of character. Instead, Evans focused on smaller projects in genres that were very different from his work in Marvel. Had a secondary role in the criminal drama of 2012 The Iceman, as well as in the romantic comedy Playing It Cool in 2014. Worked with directors interesting, as the recent Oscar-winner Bong Joon Ho in Snowpiercer of 2013, and even turned himself in Before you go (2014).

While Robert Downey Jr has accepted roles quite similar to those of Tony Stark / Iron Mansince its Sherlock Holmes shared character and charisma with the Avenger of Marvel. Only in The Judge in 2013 he did something different.

Robert Downey Jr should learn from Chris Evans and his stage without Marvel

Racing is very different for the two Avengers more important.

Instead of converting your success UCM in more box office hits or roles similar to Steve Rogers, Chris Evans deepened in enough different areas to display and develop their range of talent for acting and the film. When the journey of the actor in Marvel was coming to an end, he worked in a couple small films, but essential as the Gifted, released in 2017 and directed by Marc Webbin which he played the caretaker of a child prodigy. The film was received positively and showed their ability to work in a drama. In addition, in the middle of the world premieres of Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgamethe actor also made his Broadway debut in the reboot of Lobby Hero in 2018.

In addition, Chris Evans participated as a supporting actor in the success of Rian Johnson, Daggers in the back. While The adventures of doctor Dolittle it is an example of a film with a script very loose and very expensive, which was based only on the fame of the actor Robert Downey Jr. The result is a failure of box office. Let’s hope that in your stage without Marvel he knows how to choose good jobs, and then different papers that show that has more than one record.