Salome Rodriguez danced champeta imitating Shakira


Salome Rodriguez, the daughter James Rodriguez and the colombian model Daniela Ospina, still giving you what to talk about with their eye-catching dances.

This can be seen in the videos that you share on your account of ‘Tiktok’ or upload your mom to his Instagram and generated reactions.

In the video that Danielle posted in her stories, she left to see Salome dressed in a lycra and a camisera, with Shakira in the background.

The small of 6 years old, imitated her, and made the challenge of the singer dancing to the rhythm of the champeta in the Super Bowl and received a lot of applause.

For many internet surfers, the daughter of James and Danielle have a great future in the dance, as already shown skills with different rhythms.

This is the funny video that Salome Rodriguez made the challenge champetero of Shakira:

In a page in this social network, also shared in the video, which already has almost sixty thousand reproductions and more than three hundred comments.

“What a beauty that Salome”, “God bless you”, “Very beautiful and excellent dancer”, “Divine”, “Spectacular”, “The Salo dance super”, “What ability it has, is an artist”, “Very beautiful”, “If it were not the daughter of James, we will not say that it is an artist”, “you Have a whole explosion of flavour”, “pretty dancer”, “Beautiful”, “I love her, she has a lot of style”, “What pace, very well, God bless you always”, “What a beauty, and how much power has it.”

The model paisa, it has also not had problem in showing off many, many times that it feels proud of the talents of his daughter with the footballer.

At the beginning of the month, Daniela-Ospina followed by the step to Salome Rodriguez in a dance viral, but she was seen as “embolatada”.