Serena Williams reveals how he met really her husband, Alexis Ohanian


The former world no.1 in the world, Serena Williams, recalled the moment that she met her husband Alexis Ohanian for the first time, when the couple released this amusing anecdote, in a short road trip which they made, during the blockade of the coronavirus.

Serena Williams was staying in a hotel in Rome in 2015, preparing for the Open Italian. Little did she know that her future husband and co-founder of Reddit, Alexis Ohanian, is also staying at the same hotel.

“I finally said yes” – Serena Williams Alexis knew very little about tennis, and Williams was not a user of Reddit in that time. However, as they say, couples are made in heaven, the couple also met by chance.

While Serena eating breakfast with their friends, Alexis came and sat down at his table. This is how the two met for the first time. A year later, after they met, Alexis brought Serena back to the place where they met to propose marriage.

Subsequently, a month later, the couple discovered they were pregnant. Serena also recalled the story and revealed how they felt attracted by Ohanian in their first encounter.

“This trip began in Rome 5 or 6 years ago. I am the worst with time lines. Sat down at my table. I asked her out. The refused. I found that very interesting. I asked him if he likes the truffles.

He said that yes. And that was all” “Finally I said yes. And here we are, 5 or 6 years after, ” wrote Williams in Instagram. After giving birth to her daughter Olympia in September 2017, Alexis and Serena were married in New Orleans in November.

However, with Serena busy in the WTA Tour that extends for 11 months in a year and Alexis manage his or her business, the family rarely had the opportunity to be together. Therefore, the couple certainly enjoys their quarantine with her two year old daughter.