Serena Williams still copy everything I do

When you think of Serena Williams and Venus Williams, the first thing that comes to mind is the shock and amazement by the amount of talent that was present within a family. While Venus Williams dominated the sport in their twenties, no one expected that her younger sister also became so dominant.

However, that is exactly what happened. Serena not only coincided with his sister, but also surpassed the accomplishments of Venus Williams. This also led to a rivalry quite competitive between the two, which became synonymous with an entire era of women’s tennis.

Throughout all this, one thing that has remained constant is their mutual love and support. Never let their rivalry on the court affect your personal relationship. Venus Williams has always been very vocal about the loving nature of Serena.

She tried to define the nature of their relationship in an interview. What did Venus Williams over Serena Williams? Venus Williams spoke about the dynamic of her bond with Serena.

People often expect the eldest sister to have a protective attitude to his younger brother. However, Serena has always been more protective. “The best advice I received was to always compete, Serena Williams told me that.

What people don’t know about my relationship with Serena is that it is very protective. Even as the younger sister is very protective. Serena still copy everything that I do, but also I copy everything he does. It is a codependency.

It is easily visible that the two have a lot of warmth in their relationship. While many tried to invent rumors of disaffection between the two in their first years of domination, the two always silent, with his absolute commitment to defend one another when necessary. Their fans certainly expect this to continue during the remaining part of their careers.

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