Serena Williams will win a Grand Slam more


The former world no.1 Serena Williams has been following the record of Margaret Court of 24 individual titles of Grand Slam in the last three years, as inexplicably collapses shortly before the final events in the Grand Slam.

However, coach Williams, Patrick Mouratoglou, is confident that their student, at least win a Major before retiring. The u.s. is trapped in 23 since you claimed your last-hit while she was three months pregnant at the Australian Open 2017.

He returned to the tour in 2018, ten months after giving birth to her daughter Olympia. Since then, Serena has not won a single title on the tour. “Serena Williams will win at least a Slam more” – Patrick Mouratoglou She has reached the final four events of the Grand Slam, but he fought to win that last day in the main events.

Those consecutive defeats in the last four championship matches, two at Wimbledon and the US Open, have thrown some doubts on the ability of Williams to win the decisive Grand Slam. However, Mouratoglou believes Williams can still reach the record of Margaret Court.

“I would be willing to bet my money! Serena will win at least a Slam more before the end of his career. Now she is in Florida, trains but you can’t play tennis, these are the rules.

You will not lose your tennis, but the motivation is another thing, ” said Mouratoglou in an interview quoted by TennisWorld USA. “Those four losses were all painful. In the four, Serena did not play as it should and could have done; otherwise, he would have won, ” he added.

It is quite certain that Williams was under a lot of pressure in those four Grand Slam finals, knowing that victory will ensure their place in history. Now, the hiatus forced by the coronavirus of the sport is certainly consuming the remaining time of Serena Williams, who is in the middle of the water of his career.

I would hope that the tour will resume soon and can continue his persecution by the 24th Grand Slam singles title.