Sharon Osbourne identifies with Adele for her weight loss


LOS ANGELES (united States).- “It was your time to lose weight, that’s all, in your journey, in your life,” he said Sharon Osbourne on the recent transformation of Adele during the episode of may 12 The Talk. Adele unveiled her new figure in honor of his birthday number 32, which has provoked praise, criticism and many doubts about his fans.

Sharon, during The Talk, gave to understand that the weight loss Adele was due to his mental health more than his physical state. “When these women say they are really happy in your body, do not believe them. My body was very, very large. But I was not happy. Clear that on the surface, but at night alone in bed, I was very unhappy“.

The celebrity continues: “I totally Understand to Adele… She must have felt, you know what, I’m going to try to lose weight for any reason: health, I’m sure… She looks absolutely fantastic. I’m happy for her, and everyone should be happy for her, because it was his choice. She did not do that for no one more than herself. And so, everyone should be happy for her”.

No one was happy with what was said Sharon. After that the star of The Osbournes comment that women are “larger” they were not happy in their bodies, fans flocked online to point out, “that is literally just because women like you make statements like this and make them feel that they should not be.” Although the comments of Sharon come from their own personal experiences.

During The Talk, the wife of Ozzy Osbourne spoke about his own body image problems, on page six, and said that when I was 100 pounds overweight, felt more comfortable when she was close to “larger women”. I was with older women. I felt that we had something in common. We never talk about it, but there was this underlying connection that we had, and I always felt so”.