Shawn Mendes puts the horns to Her Hair with this famous singer


Camila Cabello with Shawn Mendes

February 28, 2020
(19:51 CET)

Much has been made lately of the sexuality of the singer Shawn Mendeshowever, on this occasion the horns Camila Hair are not personal, they are more professional.

And is that the canadian artist looks like he’s going to do a collaboration with J-Hope and his group of K-Pop BTS. One thing that Camila Cabello had tried to do previously without success.

The koreans after making collaboration with Becky G they had several suitors, among them the cuban, but it seems that finally you have decided for your partner Shawn Mendes, who is more suited with the music they make. Or that at least would be the official excuse.

A idiolatría shared

A large part of the success of that collaboration go to go forward came because Shawn Mendes is a big fan of BTS and the opposite also.

As explained by the singer himself canadian for the media: “they Are busy people. I still don’t have the lyrics on their collaboration. It will happen soon, but I can’t give you a date because we have not yet gone out and we have not written a song, but it will happen. Because I love you, and I think they are also my fans. So, I promise,” said the boyfriend of Camila Cabello.

And is that Shawn Mendes what we have seen with J-Hope talking in some other party already, and it seems to have a friendship pretty solid from more than a year ago, something that would have facilitated everything too much.