“Stranger Things”: pictures of the doubles of the actors in the series of the Netflix Series


The double of risk play an important role in any production, cinematography or television, its function is to perform those scenes that represent a physical danger to the protagonists, and so to avoid any mishap during the filming, and “Stranger Things” it is not alien to it.

During the three seasons of the series Netflix you have shown the different sequences that could imperil its stars, but it is clear that Millie Bobby Brown, Gaten Matarazzoand most of the actors of the fiction of the brothers Matt and Ross Duffer features a double action.

However, Dacre Montgomery, who, from the second delivery played Billy, decided to perform the same almost all of their stunts. As told in an interview to Vulture, only used wig to not abuse the hair.

Montgomery recounted that one of the sequences more complex roll was in the Eleven, and his friends shut themselves up in the sauna of the swimming pool: “The children were horrified,” said australian actor of 24 years.

He also confessed that he and Millie Bobby Brown it screamed to heat and being connected between outlet and outlet.

A few days ago Netflix he shared some images of the actors “Stranger Things” together with its dual, which we show below.


Although in the mode selfie Millie Bobbie Brown and its dual appear to be much if they have the same height, body build, clothing, and hair cutting, which in the end result not see the difference.

Millie Bobby Brown interprets to Eleven in “Stranger Things” (Photo: Netflix)


Something we definitely have in common, Joe Keery in his rolo as Steve and his double is his new hair.

Joe Keery plays Steve in “Stranger Things” (Photo: Netflix)


In regards to Dustin and his double, the differences are more noticeable, above all, in the teeth, but the hair and clothes do the work.

Gaten Matarazzo plays Dustin in “Stranger Things” (Photo: Netflix)


Will’s mother also has its own specialist, has the same height, cut and color hair. In this case the resemblance is more noticeable.

Winona Ryder plays Joyce in “Stranger Things” (Photo: Netflix)


“In Hawkins never know if you’re waving to the truth or the double” can be read in the legend of the photos that Netflix shared, and this applies to Max (Sadie Sink) and his stunt double.

Sadie Sink plays Max in “Stranger Things” (Photo: Netflix)


In the last episode of the third season, after the apparent death of Hopper, Joyce decides to leave Hawkins with their children and be Eleven with them. Although they do not mention where they are going, if you renew the series, probably rediscover one another with the gang, wherever they are. Yes, as Eleven of them lost their powers, it is a mystery if it will recover some time.

What happened exactly with Hopper? To be able to close the new portal to Upside Down, had to turn off the ‘Key’, a device developed by soviet scientists, but an explosion consumed the chief of police for Hawkins, who was on the side of the machine.

Now, Hopper was given up for dead. Up to Eleven accepted his departure. However, the post-credits scene of the third season of “Stranger Things” introduced to a few Russian soldiers who mentioned that they have an “american” as a prisoner. Perhaps it will be Hopper?

What Jim Hopper will return to “Stranger Things”? (Photo: Netflix)