the actor Henry Cavill maintained a loving relationship with one of the actresses of The Big Bang Theory

Back in 2013, the actor Henry Cavill of The Witcher and Superman (he was 30 years old at the time), broke in the month of may of that year with his girlfriend Gina Carano, actress Fast & Furious 6to begin to share new moments and begin a new relationship with another star of the u.s. television world-known for one of the leading roles in the series The Big Bang Theory, can you imagine who that could be? Effectively, the interpreter and Kaley Cuoco (who at that time was 27 years old), began a close friendship after she broke up with the musician Bret Bollinger at the beginning of the year. The couple, who was photographed on several occasions together, getting cuddles and dice in hand, he was only together for a few months. What is certain is that their romance was quite ephemeral.

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According to the magazine People, Cavill had always wanted to be a partner of the actress because he was a declared fan of the series in numerous ocasasiones. And even though he gets, the truth is that the relationship of these celebrities caught in the world of the heart very surprise. It was sudden and no one expected it, but even though they both seemed very much in love, the romance was quite fleeting. The same medium was responsible for communicating their separation, announcing also that the main reason for his estrangement was the coexistence. Both decided to live under the same roof too quickly without first know the background and I went wrong. Despite what happened, the magazine mentioned that both Henry and Kaley tried to be good friends. But what is certain is that never be seen again together.


The private life of the actor has always been very discreet, and, although throughout the years we met a couple of romantic partners, his one true great love is his peta dog of the breed American Akita, which is called Khal. In fact, Freya Allan, companion of cast of the interpreter The Witcher has said on numerous occasions that “you don’t know the artist without knowing also your can. They are inseparable.” As for Kaley, gave the “I do,” the rider Karl Cook in 2018 after a divorce from tennis player Ryan Sweeting, with whom he contracted marriage by the end of 2013 (a few months after his romance with Cavill).